Updated Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Massage Heights Members,

We want to thank you for being a valued member of Massage Heights. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide you and all our members and guests with professional, affordable, and convenient therapeutic massage therapy. Our goal is to continue providing exceptional massage services with improved retention of our best therapists and offer more innovations to take advantage of in the future!

There will be a $10 increase for all 60-minute monthly memberships and a $15 increase for all 90-minute monthly memberships which will take effect on your billing date on or after January 1st, 2022.

Please be assured that we take our commitment to you seriously and did not make this decision without careful consideration and thought. Most of the increase is going directly to our Massage Therapists and other Team Members.  We are here to help if you need it.

For any further questions, we have a list of FAQs that can be found below.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Warm regards,
The Massage Heights Team

Updated Pricing FAQ

** UPDATED Nov 30 2021 **

What is the new price going to be?

There will be an increase of $5 per 30 minutes of massage. All 60-Minute
programs will increase by $10, and all 90-minute programs will increase
by $15.

Is the price of elevations increasing as well?

No, the prices of elevations will stay at the current pricing.

Where does this additional $10 per 60-minutes go for the company?

Most of the increase goes directly to increase Team Member wages. The
remaining small amount is to help offset the rising cost of doing business
in today’s economic world.

Will my membership term be starting from the beginning, or continuing as it was?

The membership term will continue as it was. This change does not restart
your agreement.

What am I getting for the extra $10?

Massage Heights has an outstanding Massage Therapy and Front Desk Team. Most of the increase is going directly to them to ensure we can continue to provide the excellent experience you can expect at Massage Heights. In addition, we are continuing to innovate as a company which means that you can look forward to new and exciting offerings in the future

Do I need to sign a new agreement?

You do not need to sign a new agreement; the letter will act as an amendment to
the price of the agreement.

My program was purchased greater than a year ago, and my monthly payment was $74.99. I heard that the price is going up to $89.99 but what does that mean for me?

All 60- minute membership prices are increasing $10, and all 90-minute membership prices are increasing by $15. The good news is for any of our
long-standing members, it means that the 60-minute rate will be $84.99 which is still $5 less than our current new member rate

Will there be any discounts for long term loyalty?

Yes, as a thank you to our long-term members, the price is only going up $10. For example, if you joined with a Foundation membership before 2021 your price will go from $74.99 to $84.99. The current price for a new member Foundation membership is $89.99.

I normally see an Elevated Therapist and pay the extra fee, will my membership price still go up?

Yes, the price for all memberships will increase. The Elevated Therapist program is for individual RMTs whose skill set and tenure allow them to add an additional cost to their appointments only.

If I want to pause my membership, how long can I pause it for?

The ability to freeze the program is available only with our 12-month term members. The Freeze is available for 3 months total. Please contact your retreat to process the freeze.

I’m not completely done my term, but I am considering cancelling because of this price increase. How long do I have to make the decision?

To cancel within the term due to this price increase, the written notice to cancel must be sent to contact@massageheights.ca within 30 days of receiving the Massage Heights’ price increase letter.

Is the 30 day notice for cancellation still in effect?

Yes. As per the agreement, if the written notice is received by your retreat less than 30 days prior to your next scheduled payment date, then a final payment will be processed at your current rate.

I’m not completely done my term but understand that I can cancel my program due to the price increase. How long will I be given to use any credits that I have saved on my profile?

All programs cancelled in the month of December due to the price increase will have 3 months to use any unused credits if they are cancelling within their term!

I am already outside of my term but I have a lot of unused credits. How long do I have to use them?

All members will be able to use any unused credits for up to half of their original program term. For example: If the membership is a 12-month term, and the member cancels, they will have 6 months from the date of the final payment being processed.

Why wasn't I told about this when I signed up last month?

The membership pricing change is a recent initiative by the company, as per the membership agreement all members will receive a minimum of 30 days’ notice of the change in their program price.

My program is currently frozen, what does that mean for my program and future payments into the new year?

our Massage Heights program will remain frozen, but will be changed to include the $10 / per 60 minute price increase. Upon the specified date that your program is set to un-freeze, you as a program holder will be billed again regularly.