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Staff Testimonials

Dan Massage Therapist from Calgary Beltline – Now Open!

My favourite thing about working for Massage Heights is the people. The staff are so much fun to work with, from the RMT’s to the LC’s and our guests, everyone contributes to the wonderful environment that is Massage Heights! I also get a chance to learn new techniques which help me further my career and to better…

Staff Testimonials

Helene Massage Therapist from Calgary Signal Hill Center

I really enjoy working with my staff at Massage Heights, from other therapists to LC’s, management, regional staff and of course seeing the guests on a regular basis. I also love the fact that I get to come to work bringing my skill and not having to stress about bringing in supplies (sheets, lotions, oils, etc…

Staff Testimonials

Ramey Massage Therapist from Calgary Signal Hill Center

My favourite thing about being a massage therapist is seeing the results of my work over time with a client; seeing them stand straighter, walk easier, or move more fluidly. My favourite thing about working with the Massage Heights company is the ability to set my own schedule while continuing to see my regular…

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