Brewery Massage Therapists

Adam Pike

Joined Team:


Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Adam graduated from CDI college in November 2011 and has nine years of experience as a Massage therapist. He began with an interest in anatomy and physiology, which is what brought him into the industry.

Adam began with Massage Heights in 2012 in Calgary and quickly became a valued team member and a senior lead therapist. He helped establish our Edmonton locations and many of the senior therapists that work for the company today. Adam has since stepped down from a leadership role to redirect his focus back to the various therapeutic techniques of massage. Adam specializes in various modalities with a keen interest in massage therapies for treating common forearm extensor muscle issues.

Similar Style To: Min Le, Brandy Bowman

Amy Yu

Joined Team: January 2020


Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Amy’s passion for helping people began long before she started her career as a Massage therapist. As a licensed physician practicing in China, when Amy decided to move to Canada, she knew she would continue to work in a field where she could help treat patients. After graduating from Makami College in February 2016, she spent four years working in many clinical settings before joining the Brewery District team in January 2020.

Amy has skills working with everything from low back and shoulder concerns to specialized treatments intended to alleviate stressors that induce headaches. Amy can also offer her guests assisted stretching.

Similar Style To: Savaughna Crowchild, Joy Ranque, Brandy Bowman

Brandy Bowman

Joined Team: January 2017


Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Brandy attended the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy and graduated in 1999. Along with her notable skill in deep tissue treatment, Brandy also brings 21 years of massage therapy experience in environments ranging from physiotherapy/chiropractic clinics to Massage Height’s unique mixture of a clinical approach in a spa-like environment.

Brandy’s skills range from TMJ and Intra-oral precision work to the high-pressure techniques required for the glutes and legs. Her skills and experience make her the perfect choice for the position of lead therapist at our Brewery District location, where she practices massage and is also able to provide continued training for other therapists on the team.

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Gurpreet Kaur

Joined Team: July 2020

Specialties: Assisted Stretching, Cross-fiber Friction, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Medium Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Postnatal, Postural, Relaxation, Soft Tissue Release, Swedish Massage, TMJ, Trigger Point Therapy

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Foot Scrub, Hot Stone Therapy

Gurpreet graduated from MacEwan University in 2020 and is loving working as a Massage Therapist thus far. The thing she enjoys most is meeting with different personalities!

Gurpreet finds the relief the client feels after massage treatments to be very rewarding and satisfying!

Similar Style To: Rajbir Kaur

Herbert Rodelas

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Certified Modalities: 


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Joseph Ballelos

Joined Team: January 2017


Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Joseph graduated from Makami College in July 2017. With three years of experience and a background in physiotherapy, Joseph quickly became a highly requested therapist when he began his career with Massage Heights.

Joseph has always had a passion for helping people feel better through physical methods, which led him to pursue his degree in Massage Therapy.

Joseph specializes in the low back region, hip complex, and dynamic Cupping (among other modalities) and uses his skills through his treatments and as a clinical instructor with Makami College.

Similar Style To: Min Le, Rajbir Kaur, Kamar Stewart

Melly Nseka

Joined Team: October 2021

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Medium Therapeutic, Prenatal, Relaxation, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

Certified Modalities: Foot Scrub, Hot Stone Therapy

Melly graduated from Makami College October 2021 and has been working with Massage Heights since.

She enjoys her job because she likes to help others. Melly is a hard worker and likes working at the retreat as part of a team.

Outside of work Melly enjoys shopping and cooking.

Similar Style To: Amy Yu, Gurpreet Kaur, Herbert Rodelas

Minh Le

Joined Team: October 2016

Specialties: Assisted Stretching, Medium Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Minh started his journey in customer care with his work in guest relations at the Four Seasons in his home country of Vietnam. After moving to Canada, Minh realized that his passion for providing customer care was expanding; he wished to inspire others, especially those with busy lives and little free time, to form healthy habits and self-care routines.

Minh graduated from Makami College in July 2017 but had already started his career with Massage Heights as a practicum in 2016. Many of his guests suffer pain from MVA’s, falls, and sports injuries. His guests greatly benefit from the deep tissue and injury rehabilitation techniques he has developed in his 4+ years of clinical experience. Minh is also very skilled in the modality of Dynamic Cupping, which he likes to incorporate into treatments to help promote increased healing.

Similar Style To: Joseph Ballelos, Adam Pike

Rajbir Kaur

Joined Team: February 2018

Specialties: Trigger Point Therapy, TMJ, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Rajbir’s passion has always been in providing people with care to encourage and promote health. She began her career as a nurse in India, and when she moved to Canada, Raj knew that she would remain in an industry such as healthcare, where she could continue to help people.

Even before she graduated from Grant MacEwan University in July 2019, Raj had already helped numerous guests at Massage Heights as a practicum student.

Rajbir’s abilities span across every modality, but her treatment of the neck and shoulders, as well as her specialized skills in Dynamic Cupping, have proved to be life-changing for many of Rajbir’s guests. Raj has also completed specialized training for TMJ conditions and precision techniques and is the top requested therapist for providing TMJ and Intra-oral work at her respective retreat.

Similar Style To: Brandy Bowman, Savaughna Crowchild

Rosaria Marrello

Joined Team: February 2022

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Swedish Massage

Certified Modalities: Face Massage, Foot Scrub, Hot Stone Therapy

Rosaria graduated from ACMT in 2019 and has since been an RMT located in Fort McMurray for just shy of 3 years. Rosaria was drawn to a career in Massage Therapy by how much she could help people and make a difference. With her approach to massage, Rosaria tends to focus on the body and the mind, giving a well rounded and balanced end result. She is also known for her skills in neck and shoulder soft tissue dysfunction/relaxation treatments.

“Being a Massage Therapist allows me to have a fulfilling career with so many avenues to allow myself to advance within my career and not feel stagnant.” Rosaria has found that with being an RMT, she has been able to connect with a diverse amount of people giving her the opportunity to learn about other cultures, including their methods around massage, daily life and cuisine. 

Outside of work Rosaria spends her time admiring her plants and accumulating more, spending time with friends preferably outside or cooking something that’s going to take longer to clean up than it did to eat. 

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Savaughna Crowchild

Joined Team: November 2014

Specialties: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, TMJ, Injury Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Savaughna has always had a desire to provide care to the ones around her. After seeing how people suffering from injuries could benefit and improve from Reiki and Massage therapy, her interest in becoming a Massage Therapist grew. 

Savaughna graduated from Grant MacEwan University in 2013 and began working for Massage Heights in 2014. Her skill sets have led her to become the Massage Heights Edmonton Region trainer, making her an expert in all the modalities, including Dynamic Cupping.

Her seven years of experience and skill in therapeutic massage, injury rehabilitation, lymphatic massage, Intra-oral, and TMJ work are just some of the areas in which her guests can benefit. Her continued dedication and genuine care for her guests is evident through the level of care and commitment she dedicates to each guest’s treatment plan and the lasting results that they produce.

Similar Style To: Adam Pike, Amy Yu

Stephanie Godoy-Cattabeni

Joined Team: February 2022

Specialties: Medium Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Relaxation, Soft Tissue Release, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

Certified Modalities: Face Massage, Foot Scrub, Hot Stone Therapy

Stephanie graduated from Makami College in 2021. She massaged from her home business for about a year before starting here at massage heights. Stephanie chose Massage Therapy as a career because she loves helping people to relax and not feel so stressed out, because that’s the worst! She loves that she can use Massage Therapy to show individuals how good it feels to have all the soreness taken away after a long day.

A few of Stephanie’s specialties are neck and upper arm forearm stripping.

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